Wedding Dance Classes
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What We Do?

Our business is focussed on teaching our couples how to dance together as a unit and in the process to learn more about each other, bond, have fun and develop a closer intimate relationship.

We offer choreographed lessons to couples that has never danced to intermediate and advanced couples. You choose your music and we choreograph your dance to your taste and ability. Some of our wedding couples has even continued with their dance lessons after they tied the knot.

Wedding Entourage and parents are also welcome to come and join for classes as we teach all types of dances from the sokkie, boogie, two step, and funky groovy dances.

What we offer

Choreographed Dance Lessons

Bring your own music and we can choreograph any dance to your style of music.
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Wedding Parents Dance

We can teach your parents excellent social dances which they can dance at any social function.
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Wedding Entourage Dance
Looking to make your wedding special? Bring your Bridesmaids and Bridesgrooms and we can teach them a group dance.
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Wedding Dance Classes

Choreographed Dance Classes for Wedding Couples